Memoir and Personal Essay Writing with Eileen Obser

Tuesdays, July 2-30 at 5:00 pm

Writing your life story is a gift to yourself, to your loved ones, and to history. We will examine personal and autobiographical writing and you'll discover your writing voice through reading and group discussion. Research techniques, excerpts from well-known memoirs and journals, writing excercises, and marketing information are included. Young and old memoirists at all levels of writing ability are welcome to join this stimulating workshop. $65 for 5 sessions.

New Age Potpourri

Monday July 15, 5:00 pm

Join us on the back lawn of the Library for a fun and enlightening workshop, held by Valerie DiLorenzo, that will explore astrology, tarot, feng shui, I ching, candle rituals and more.

eResearch: Databases 101

Thursdays, August 8, 10:00 am

Did you know the Library offers dozens of free, online, research databases? With these databases you can help your kids with school work, fix your own car, find historical articles and much more.

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