Healthy Biomechanics

Monday, June 24, 11:30 am

Join Exercise therapist and Health Consultant, Gail Pudaloff, creator of KINETICS, for her program, Healthy Biomechanics For Us All! She'll discuss how to reduce and correct the stressors that build during our day-due to life, our jobs, how we life, move and deal with our "everyday everything!"

A Guide to Healthy Aging

Saturday, June 22, 10 am

Join Nutritionist, Dietitian and Health coach, Janet O'Grady, MSRD, CDE, CDN for a lively discussion on "The Science of Staying Young," the aging process, genetics and the challenges of longevity and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Handouts and recipes on healthy cooking will be provided.

POV Film Screenings

Join us as we screen documentaries from PBS's Point of View Film Library.

Up Heartbreak Hill

Thursday, July 18, 1:00 pm

Thomas and tamara are track stars at their rural New Mexico high school. Like many teenagers they are torn between the lure of brighter futures elsewhere and the ties that bind them to home. For these teens home is an impoverished town on the Navajo Reservation, and leaving means separating from family, tradition and the land that has been their for generations.

Biblioburro: The Library Donkey

Thursday, August 1, 1:00 pm

Biblioburro is the story of a librarian--and a library--like no other. A decade ago, Colombian gradeschool teacher Luis Soriano was inspired to spend his weekends bringing a modest collection of precious books, via two hard-working donkeys, to the chidlren of Magdalena Province's poor and violence-ridden interior.

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